Mauritius Residence Permit

Mauritius, an island situated in the Indian Ocean, is a highly attractive destination for foreign investment owing to its sustained economic expansion and hospitable business climate. Through real estate investment, foreign nationals can secure comprehensive residence rights with Mauritius Residence Permit , affording them the opportunity to reside, work, and retire in Mauritius.

Mauritius Residence Permit

The Mauritius Residence Permit caters to individuals and families seeking long-term residency through property investment or meeting criteria such as retirement or professional work. Mauritius Residence Permit holders enjoy the right to live, work, and study in Mauritius, with access to healthcare and education services.

  • Population: Around 1.3 million inhabitants
  • Languages: English, French, Mauritian Creole
  • Economy: Diverse economy with key sectors including tourism, textiles, sugar, and financial services
  • Currency: Mauritian Rupee (MUR)
  • Visa-Free Travel: 146 countries.

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  • Right to Stay: Holders can stay in Mauritius as long as they remain the owner of the property.
  • Right to Live, Work, and Retire in Mauritius.
  • Work Permission: Permission to work in Mauritius without applying for an Occupation Permit or Work Permit.
  • Pathway to Permanent Residency and Citizenship: Offers a pathway to permanent residency and eventually, citizenship.
  • Generous Tax System: Opportunities for tax optimization within a generous tax system.
  • Safe and Secure Environment: Enjoy a safe and secure environment in Mauritius.
  • Access to High-Level Education Institutions

Process (2-6 months)

  • Application Submission: Choose the relevant category and submit the application with all required supporting documents and applicable fees.
  • Approval in Principle: Once approved by the PMO, an Approval in Principle is issued, valid for 90 days from the date of issue.
  • Processing Fees: Applicants pay the non-refundable processing fees.
  • Personal Identification: Attend an appointment for personal
    identification and verification of all original documents by both the EDB and the PIO.
  • Receipt of Residence Permit: The applicant receives Mauritius Residence Permit.


  • Minimum Real Estate Investment: A minimum real estate investment of USD 375,000 is required.
  • Investment Options: Investors must choose one of the following 6 real estate projects:
    1. Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS):
      Offers ready-made residential properties such as villas, townhouses, penthouses, apartments, duplexes, and service plots of land exceeding 10 hectares.
    2. Real Estate Scheme (RES):
      Provides a range of living options, including villas, penthouses, duplexes, and apartments, situated in exclusive, small residential developments.
    3. Property Development Scheme (PDS):
      Focuses on integrated projects of social benefit to the neighboring community, subject to strict environmental controls, and focused on ecology.
    4. Invest Hotel Scheme (HIS):
      Involves investment in new or existing hotel units where the investor has the right to stay for up to 45 days per year in the hotel.
    5. Smart City Scheme (SCS):
      Offers environmentally friendly living, working, or recreational spaces that generate their own energy and water resources, provide cuttingedge connectivity, develop smart modern transportation, and reduce traffic congestion.
    6. Ground +2 Apartment Scheme (G+2):
      Involves investment in a condominium of at least 2 floors above ground level. The purchase price of an apartment should not be less than USD 135,000.

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