Reserve Membership

Thailand Privilege Card

Thailand Privilege Card Reserve Membership, you acquire the privilege of an extended 20-year residency in Thailand.

  • Duration: 20 years
  • Membership fee: THB 5 million (including VAT)
  • Supplementary Membership Card: 2,000,000 THB

What is Thailand Privilege Reserve?

Thailand Privilege Reserve

The Thailand Privilege Reserve Membership is a ticket to a rare opportunity: a 20-year residency visa, available exclusively through invitation. As a member, you’ll receive comprehensive guidance and support for government interactions, along with exclusive privileges and premium services tailored to their elegant lifestyle.

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Reserve Membership Benefits:

  • Residency Duration: 20 years
  • Membership Fee: THB 5,000,000 (VAT Included)
  • Privilege Points: 120 points per year
  • Benefits: Exclusive invitation-only membership, comprehensive assistance for government interactions, extended residency privileges, premium services

Additional Information:

Reserve members enjoy unparalleled benefits, including annual health checks, personal accident insurance, and exclusive discounts at leading establishments. The membership epitomizes luxury, sophistication, and exclusivity.

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