Saudi Arabia

Premium Resident Program

Saudi Arabia establishes residency frameworks to attract substantial foreign investment, providing access to the region’s vibrant economy and rich cultural heritage. The country’s strategic importance and rapid economic expansion render it an appealing destination for investors in search of promising opportunities.

Saudi Arabia Premium Resident

The Saudi Arabia Premium Residency Program, or Saudi Green Card, allows affluent individuals to live and work in the Kingdom without sponsorship. Aligned with Vision 2030, it attracts global talent and investment, offering participants various benefits and opportunities while boosting economic growth.

  • Population: Around 34 million inhabitants
  • Languages: Arabic
  • Economy: Oil-based economy with diversification into manufacturing, finance, and tourism
  • Currency: Saudi Riyal (SAR)
  • Visa-Free Travel: 79 countries.

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  • Integration into Saudi Society: Foreign citizens can fully integrate
    into Saudi society and contribute to the country’s growth and
  • Permanent Residency: Offers permanent residency status for eligible individuals, allowing them to establish long-term roots in Saudi Arabia without the need for renewal.
  • Visa-Free Travel: Saudi Premium Residency provides the permit to
    leave and re-enter Saudi Arabia freely, offering convenience and
    flexibility to residents.
  • Business Opportunities: Access to a thriving market and
    participation in various sectors without the need for a local sponsor,
    facilitating business endeavors and investment opportunities.
  • Family Residency: Family members, including parents, spouses, and
    children (under 25 years old), can apply together along with the
    applicant; premium residency holders can also apply for a residence
    permit in Saudi Arabia, granting them the right to live, work, and
    invest in the country alongside the primary appricant.
  • Exemption from Expat Fees: Benefit from the waiver of fees
    imposed on expatriates and their dependents and companions.


  • Age Requirement: The main applicant must be at least 21 years old.
  • General Requirement: Providing proof of the investment & ownership of real estate or financial solvency for Limited Duration & Unlimited Duration Residency, which may include salary, stocks and shares, private investments, or owned property.
  • Financial Solvency: Providing proof of the applicant’s financial
    solvency, which may include salary, stocks and shares, private
    investments, or owned property.
  • Medical Requirement: Passing a medical examination to ensure the
    applicant is in good health and free from contagious diseases.
  • Additional Requirement: Submit copies of any Saudi Arabian visas
    from the previous 15 years or the Saudi Iqama Number if currently
    residing in the country or previously had an Iqama.

Types of Residency

  1. Investor Residency
    Requirement: minimum investment of SAR 7 million & 10 jobs created during the first two years.
  2. Real Estate
    Requirement: minimum investment of SAR 4 million in already developed residential real estate
    Specific condition: Tied to real estate ownership or usufruct
  3. Limited and Unlimited Duration Premium Residency
    1-year residency: pay annual fee of SAR 100,000
    Permanent residency: pay one time fee of SAR 800,000


  • Processing Time: The process typically takes around three months
    after application submission.
  • Application Fee for Investor & Real Estate Residency: SAR 4,000
  • Application fee for Limited Duration: SAR 100,000
  • Application fee for Unlimited Duration: SAR 800,000

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