St. Lucia

Citizenship by Investment

Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Program provides convenient air connections to Europe and North America for successful applicants and their families, granting permanent citizenship and extensive global access.

St. Lucia
Citizenship by Investment Program

The Saint Lucia Citizenship By Investment Program offers individuals and families citizenship through investments in the National Economic Fund or real estate. Successful applicants gain benefits like visa-free travel to 140+ countries, tax advantages, and the right to live and work in Saint Lucia.

  • Population: Around 184,000 inhabitants
  • Languages: English, Saint Lucian Creole French
  •  Economy: Tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing 
  • Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD)
  • Visa-Free Travel: 146 countries.

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  • Lifetime Citizenship: Granted for life for the applicant and dependent
    family members.
  • Dual Citizenship Permitted
  • Inclusive Dependents:
    • Spouse
    • Children up to 30 years old
    • Parents above 55 years old
    • Unmarried siblings under 18
  • Visa-Free Travel: Access to over 140 countries without needing a visa.
  • Visa-Free Access to Schengen Area: Enjoy visa-free access to the
    Schengen Area.
  • Tax Incentives: Enjoy multiple tax incentives.
  • No Residency Requirement
  • No Educational, Management, or Language Requirements
  • CARICOM Member Benefits: Possibility to live, work, and settle in any other member of the CARICOM nations. 


  • Qualifying Investment: Applicants must make a qualifying
    investment as specified.
  • Age Requirement: Be over 18 years old.
  • Clean Criminal Record: Have no criminal record.
  • Document Language: Provide all required documents in English.
  • Pass Due Diligence Check: Successfully pass a due diligence check.
  • No Visa Denial from Visa-Free Countries: Have not been denied a
    visa from any visa-free country without a subsequent visa approval.
  • Authorized Government Agent: Applicants must use an authorized
    government agent.


  1. Saint Lucia National Economic Fund:
    • Minimum to be invested:
      • USD 100,000 for a single applicant
      • USD 140,000 for applicant & spouse
      • USD 150,000 for applicant, spouse, and up to two dependents
      • USD 15,000 for each additional dependent
  2. Government Bond:
    • Minimum to be invested:
      • USD 300,000 in Government Bonds
    • Valid for Main Applicant and all qualifying dependents
    • 100% Bond redemption without interest after 5 years
    • USD 50,000 non-refundable Administrative Fee

Process (between 6-8 months)

  • Prepare all the required documents and forms.
  • Submit the application via an authorized agent and pay the required due
    diligence and government fees.
  • Upon approval, pay the required investment sum and naturalization &
    passport fees.

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